Hello World Program in PHP

Hello world program in php. Php program to print hello world program is a computer program that emits or displays the message “Hello, World!” Such a program is fairly easy in most programming languages, and it is frequently used to teach a programming language’s basic grammar. It is frequently the first program written by those who are learning to code. 

echo "Hello world";



Hello world

Why PHP Programming?

PHP is a simple and straightforward programming language. PHP is a scripting language that is free and open-source. PHP is a scripting language that may be embedded in HTML. PHP is a dynamically typed programming language. PHP is a programming language that focuses on objects. 

Because PHP is an interpreted language, it does not require compilation. Other scripting languages, such as ASP and JSP, are slower than PHP. Because of its ability to communicate with database systems such as Oracle and MySQL, PHP is a popular scripting language among web developers. Any website may need to display and retrieve a range of data or information from a database.

PHP is Frontend or Backend

PHP is a programming language that is only used for back-end development. JavaScript, on the other hand, was created as a front-end development language. You may now use JavaScript to create the full program, both client and server side.