Write a Multiplication program of two numbers in php using operator

Write a multiplication program of two numbers in php. This program will tell you how to multiply numbers in php programming language for beginners. Here’s script about how to multiply two numbers in PHP. Multiplication is the process of computing the result of multiplying two numbers together. Simple addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division tests will be given. 2. a noun that can’t be counted. The process or fact of things of a certain kind expanding in number or amount is known as multiplication.

echo "result is",$z; 



result is 20

What is arithmetic operator and multiplication of two numbers

Arithmetic operators are used to do mathematical calculations. Assignment operators are used to assign a value to a property or variable. Assignment operators include numeric, date, system, time, and text. Comparison operators are required to perform comparisons. Common arithmetic operations on numeric data, such as addition, subtraction, and multiplication, are performed using the php programs using arithmetic operators.

What is echo and how it is used

Echo is a command that prints the strings that are passed to it as arguments. It’s a command used in a variety of OS systems shells that’s commonly used in shell scripts and batch files to print status text to the screen or to a computer file, or as a source in a pipeline.