Which is the biggest number using if and else in swift language

This program helps the user to find which number is bigger through the statement in swift programming language and we can easily conclude with the result in output. These are simple programs in swift language to share something about swift

var str="Which is the biggest number program in swift"
let a=15
if a<100
print("It is small number")
else if a<500
print("It needs some values to reach 1000")
print("It is very close to 1000")

It is small number

How to find the biggest number in swift programming

To find the biggest number means we need to compare every single value that we have declared in the program to know which is the biggest number in the program. We can compare many numbers using the if and else statements.

If else statement in swift programming language

If and else statement is same as the other programming languages. If statement is used to check the program and if statisfies the condition it will execute the loop and it may print the statement.

Else statement is only purpose to print the statement which is not satisfied by the if statement in the above statement in the swift program.