Full-Form of ACD

ACD is the abbreviation for Automatic Call Distributor. A system or device that can detect, manage, and route huge numbers of incoming calls is known as a call center.  It is a component of the CTI (computer telephony integration) system. Incoming calls are successfully distributed via ACD to the appropriate groups of agents or executives. It connects callers with the agents who are best suited to assist them. Small ACD devices are used to handle a few lines, whereas big ACD devices are used to manage many lines. ACDs are used by the majority of companies that provide service support or post-sale services to deliver the finest customer care possible.

What is predictive dialing

It is the mechanism that intelligently distributes incoming calls. ACD is mostly used to decide how inbound calls are routed to agents. Predictive Dialing is the outbound dialing method used by Automatic Calling. IVR may or may not be included in ACD. ACD and IVR are frequently used interchangeably. There is, nevertheless, a distinction.

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