How Many Types of Hackers

How many types of hackers. An effort to exploit a computer system or a private network within a computer is known as hacking. Simply described, it is unauthorised access to or control of computer network security systems with the intention of committing a crime. They have the ability to destroy, steal, and even prohibit authorised users from gaining access to the system.

White Hat Hackers

Black Hat Hackers

Gray Hat Hackers

State/Nation Sponsored Hackers

Blue Hat Hackers

Red Hat Hackers


Malicious insider or Whistleblower

Script Kiddies

Green Hat Hackers

1. White Hat Hackers

White hat hackers are cybersecurity experts who hack with a professional mindset. They have been given permission or certification to hack the systems. By breaking into the system, these White Hat Hackers help governments and organisations. They gain access to the system by exploiting the organization’s cybersecurity flaws. This hacking is being done to see how secure their corporation is. They are able to identify weak points and correct them in order to avoid attacks from outside sources. White hat hackers adhere to the government’s norms and regulations. Ethical hackers are also referred to as white hat hackers. These hackers are motivated by a desire to assist businesses and a desire to find security flaws in networks. They want to help and defend businesses in the continuous war against cyber-threats. A White Hat hacker is someone who helps the company protect itself from cybercrime. They assist businesses in establishing defences, detecting vulnerabilities, and resolving them before other cybercriminals do.

2.Black Hat Hackers

A hat in black Hackers are also computer geniuses, but they have the wrong motive. They attack other systems in order to gain access to systems to which they are not allowed. They may steal data or harm the system if they obtain access. The hacking techniques utilised by these categories of hackers are determined by the hacker’s ability and expertise. Because of the hacker’s motives, he or she is a criminal. While hacking, neither the hostile purpose of the individual nor the degree of the intrusion can be determined. To get access to a company’s network in order to steal bank data, finances, or sensitive information. Typically, they profit from the stolen resources by selling them on the illicit market or harassing their target organisation. This is important type of hacking and this post will define how many types of hackers

3) Gray Hat Hackers

When categorising a hacker, the hacker’s intent is taken into account. Between black hat and white hat hackers, the grey hat hacker occupies a middle ground. Hackers, they aren’t certified. These hackers can have either good or harmful intentions when they hack. It’s possible that the hacking is for their own benefit. The purpose of hacking determines the type of hacker. If the hacker’s goal is to make money, he or she is referred to as a grey hat hacker.┬áThe distinction is that they don’t wish to rob or help anyone in particular. Rather, they like tinkering with systems in order to identify vulnerabilities, crack defences, and generally have a good time hacking.

4) Script Kiddies

It is a well-known reality that half-knowledge is never safe. The Script Kiddies are a group of hackers who are new to the industry. They attempt to hack the system using scripts written by other hackers. They attempt to break into computer systems, networks, or websites. The purpose of the hacking is to attract the attention of their peers. Script Kiddies are children who aren’t fully aware of the hacking procedure. A DoS attack is a common Kiddie Script attack. This simply indicates that an IP address is overburdened with excessive traffic to the point of collapsing. Take a look at a few Black Friday shopping websites, for example. It causes confusion and makes it impossible for someone else to use the service.

5) Green Hat Hackers

Green hat hackers are new to hacking and are still learning the ropes. They vary from the Script Kiddies in that they have a different goal. The goal is to work hard and learn everything there is to know about hacking. They’re on the lookout for ways to learn from seasoned hackers.

6) Blue Hat Hackers

Hackers who are comparable to Script Kiddies are known as Blue Hat Hackers. There is no desire to study. To acquire popularity among their fellow beings, they employ hacking as a weapon. They utilise hacking to resolve their differences with their opponents. Blue Hat Hackers are harmful not because of their knowledge, but because of the motive behind the hacking.

7) Red Hat Hackers

Eagle-Eyed Hackers are associated with Red Hat Hackers. They’re the kind of hackers who look like white hackers. The goal of the red hat hackers is to thwart the black hat hackers’ onslaught. The only difference between red hat hackers and white hat hackers is that they both hack with the same objective. When dealing with black hat hackers or countering viruses, red hat hackers are brutal. The red hat hackers are still at work, and it’s possible that the entire system will have to be replaced. In the cybersecurity sector, there are seven different sorts of hackers. Each of the three sorts of hackers outlined below has a particular role to play.

8) State/Nation Sponsored Hackers

Hackers are hired by the government to obtain information about other countries. State/nation sponsored hackers are the type of hackers we’re talking about. They use their knowledge to obtain sensitive information from other countries in order to be well prepared for any potential threats to their country. The sensitive information not only helps you stay on top of every scenario, but it also helps you escape danger. They exclusively report to their respective governments.

9) Hacktivist

These hackers want to break into government websites. They pose as activists, earning the moniker “hacktivist.” A hacktivist might be a single person or a group of anonymous hackers with the goal of gaining access to government websites and networks. The information obtained from accessed government files is used for personal political or societal gain.

10) Malicious insider or Whistleblower

Individuals that work for a company and have access to secret information are examples of this type of hacker. The motivation for the disclosure could be a personal vendetta against the institution, or the individual could have discovered criminal actions within the organisation. The intention behind the exposure is defined by the cause for the exposure. Whistleblowers are people who expose wrongdoing. Using this article you can learn how many types of hackers in hacking.