String Concatenation in Swift

String concatenation in swift language for beginners. This means the two different strings were merged to a single word is concatenation. This program is to add two different set of words into a single word. This is a basic set of program in every programming language for beginners.

String Concatenation in Swift

By adding the second string to the right-hand end of the first string, the concatenation operators merge two strings into one.

Concatenation can happen with or without a blank in between. 

Concatenation is the process of combining two strings together, and the symbol for concatenation in many programming languages is a plus ( + ). 

When you want to display a message that includes the value of a variable, you can use concatenation. 

That’s because concatenate refers to the process of joining items together to form a series or chain. 

The word concatenate is, in fact, a mouthful. It’s difficult to see why anyone would use it when a synonym, such as link for the verb form and linked for the adjective form, would suffice.

Let Keyword in Swift

The keywords let and var are used to name variables in Swift. 

The let keyword declares a constant, which means it can’t be renamed after it’s been created, but its variable properties can be changed later. 

The var keyword declares a new variable with the ability to change its value at any time.

The use of an entity is limited to the enclosing declaration and extensions of that declaration in the same file with private access. 

When the implementation details of a specific piece of functionality are only used within a single declaration, use private access to hide them.

let Hstr = "Hello"
let Wstr = "world!"
var result = Hstr + Wstr


Hello world!