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Python Program to Remove Duplicates From a List

Python program to remove duplicates from a list. Using this program we can delete or remove the duplicate element in the python list. You can use the list function in Python to generate a collection that you can manipulate for your study. A list object is a type of data collection. While every method in Python is a function, not every function is a method. sort(): Sorts the list from top to bottom in ascending order.

List in Python

Lists allow you to store multiple elements in a single variable. Lists are one of four built-in Python data structures for storing data collections; the other three are Tuple, Set, and Dictionary, each with its own set of features and applications.

Uses of Python List

Lists are useful for working with a large number of related values. They enable you to keep data together, simplify your code, and apply the same procedures and actions to multiple variables at once.

Delete the Duplicate Elements in List

Duplicates in Python can be removed with the dict. fromkeys() function, which creates a dictionary that removes any duplicate values. A list can also be converted to a set. To see a list with duplicates removed, you must convert the dictionary or set it back to a list.

Python Program to Remove Duplicates From a List

things = ['pen', 'eraser', 'pen', 'sharpner', 'whitener']
print('Updated things list', things)


Updated things list [‘eraser’, ‘pen’, ‘sharpner’, ‘whitener’]