Python Program to Remove Special Characters From String

Remove special characters from string python. In the Python programming language, remove symbols from the string. 

In Python, this program removes punctuation from a string. 

In Python, it may delete unnecessary symbols from a line or paragraph to make the sentence more understandable.

entered = "%Welcome%^#%[email protected]#$%^Inlarn"
print ("String" + entered)
symbols = "[email protected]#$;:!*%)(&^~"
for char in symbols:
entered = entered.replace(char,"")
print("Output" + entered)



Welcome to Inlarn

For Loop Statement in Python

The for loop is a conditional iterative statement in programming that is used to check for particular criteria and then execute a block of code continuously as long as those conditions are met.

A “For” Loop is used to repeat a block of code for a certain number of times. 

The for statement allows you to specify how many times a statement or compound statement should be repeated. 

A for statement’s body is executed one or more times until an optional condition is met.

replace() Function in Python

In Python programming, the replace() method is a built-in functionality.

It substitutes the new substring for all occurrences of the old substring. 

Replace() creates a new string by replacing the old substring with the new substring. 

The replace() method creates a new string with all or some of the pattern’s matches replaced by a replacement. 

The replacement can be a string or a function to be run for each match, and the pattern can be a string or a RegExp. 

Only the first occurrence of pattern will be substituted if it is a string.