Print Multiple Variables in Python in a Single Line

Print Multiple Variables in Python in a Single Line. A Python program to print the multiple values in a single line. Using this program we can print the multiple numbers values in a single line. In Python 3, you can set the end parameter to a whitespace character string to print without a newline. With Python 3, you do have the added flexibility of changing the end parameter to print on the same line.

x, y, z = "welcome", "to", "inlarn"




Input Statement in Python

A user can introduce a value into a program using the input() method. The function input() returns a string value. Any data type can be used to transform the contents of an input. For example, you can transform the value entered by the user to a floating-point number. Python 3 includes functionality for input(). The input() built-in method in Python may be used to read user input from the keyboard. The user’s input is read as a string and can be assigned to a variable.

String Declare in Python

String is an immutable sequence data type in Python. It is a string of Unicode letters surrounded by single, double, or triple quotations. In Python, the string literals listed below are valid. A sequence is a collection of elements that are arranged in a specific order. As a result, a string is an ordered sequence of characters.

Int Statement in Python

The int() function calculates the numerical integer equivalent of a specified phrase. The numeric integer equivalent of the expression is returned. The decimal component of the number is truncated in this case, and the integer portion is returned.