Multiline Comment in Python Example

Multiline Comment in Python Example. A Python program to print the multiline comment. By using this program we can print multiple lines of comments in a python programming language. A multi-line comment in Python is a block of text enclosed by a delimiter () “”) at the beginning and end of the comment. 

There should be no white space between the delimiter (“”) and the next delimiter (“”) “( ) They’re useful when the remark text doesn’t fit on a single line and needs to be split across multiple lines. Python comments start with a hash mark ( # ) and a whitespace character and continue until the end of the line. Because comments do not execute, you will not see any sign of the comment when you run the program. The source code contains comments for humans to read, not for machines to execute.

#This program can print
#multiline comment
#in python program
print("Hello world")



Hello world

Print Statement in Python

The print() method outputs the message supplied to the screen or another standard output device. The message can be a string or any other object; the object will be converted to a string before being displayed on the screen. The print() method in Python is used to acquire the output and debug the code. This function outputs the supplied message or value to the console. The message might be a string or any other type of object. Debugging is the process of locating, removing, and correcting faults and inaccuracies in code.