Sum of Array Elements in Python

Sum of Array Elements in Python. In the Python programming language, find the number of the array. This software will assist you in adding array components. This python program for beginners can look for a number in an array.

arr = [1,1,1,1,1]; 
sum = 0; 
for i in range(0, len(arr)): 
sum = sum + arr[i]; 
print("Sum of numbers in array " + str(sum)); 



Sum of numbers in array 5

Str() Function in Python

A string is a group of alphabets, words, or other characters. It is a primitive data structure that serves as the foundation for data manipulation. Python includes a string class called str. Strings in Python are “immutable,” which means they can’t be changed once they’re created. We can execute the Sum of Array Elements in Python.

Array Declaration in Python

The array is named and the type of its elements are specified in a “array declaration.” It can also specify how many elements are in the array. A variable with array type is regarded as a pointer to the array elements’ type.

len() Function to Sum of Array Elements in Python

The length of an array is the number of elements that are present in it. You can accomplish this by using the len() function. The len() function returns an integer value corresponding to the number of elements in the array. This returns a value of three, which is the number of array elements.