Greatest of Three Numbers in Python

Greatest of three numbers in python. Find the biggest number in a python programming language. This is basic python programming problem to solve an advanced programs in python. It can detect the which the biggest number by comparing the numbers in python

def() to Execute Greatest of Three Numbers in Python

Defining a function in Python is done as follows. The keyword def is used to define a function. In this case, the function name is followed by parameter(s) (). The colon: indicates the beginning of the function body, which is denoted by an indentation. The return statement determines the value to be returned within the function body. The function header begins with the keyword def. 

A function name that is unique to the function. The rules for naming functions in Python are the same as those for writing identifiers. Parameters (arguments) are values that we pass to a function. def is an abbreviation for “define.” It is a keyword that is required to define a function (aka method). All of the code between the def function name(parameters) and end tags will be executed every time the function name is used afterwards.

Return Statement in Python

A return statement terminates the function call’s execution and “returns” the result the value of the expression following the return keyword to the caller. The statements following the return statements are ignored.

def max(a,b): 
if a >= b: 
return a 
return b 
a = 100 
b = 200