Python Program to Find Largest Element in an Array

Largest Number in Array Python. Program to print the largest element in array using for loop in python. In the Python programming language, the largest element in an array program. This software will assist you in determining the array’s largest number. In Python, print the largest number by checking each element in the array.

arr = [200,56,765,34,566]; 
max = arr[0]; 
for i in range(0, len(arr)): 
if(arr[i] > max): 
max = arr[i]; 
print("Largest element is" + str(max)); 



Largest element is 765

max() Function in Python

An array is a collection of items that are stored in adjacent memory locations. The idea is to group together items of the same type. This makes calculating the position of each element easier by simply adding an offset to a base value, which is the memory location of the array’s first element. Using this keyword we can find the Largest Number in Array Python.

min and max Function in Python to Find Largest Number in Array

The max() function in Python is used to find the largest value in a list of values. The min() function in Python is used to find the lowest value in a list. The value list can contain either strings or numbers. To find the maximum value in a list of strings and dictionaries, use max(). 

In Python, the function max() also supports a list of strings and dictionary data types. For a list of strings, the function max() will return the largest element, ordered alphabetically. The letter Z has the highest value, and the letter A has the lowest.

Decision Making Statement in Python

Decision making statements allow you to specify the order in which specific statements in your program are executed. You can define a condition and instruct the compiler to perform a specific action if the condition is met. If the condition isn’t met, you can tell the compiler to run a different block of code.