Convert XML File to CSV Using Python

Convert XML File to CSV Using Python. Using this program we can convert XML files into CSV excel files. You’ll learn how to convert data from an XML file to a CSV file using Python. Python comes with a number of essential Libraries and Packages that make it easier to utilize code in our daily life. Python is a popular choice for a large percentage of the development community, particularly Data Scientists, due to its characteristics. Python is a popular programming language among programmers due to its dependability and simplicity. Working with enormous datasets is one of the most appealing features.

<?xml version=”1.0″?>

import xml.etree.ElementTree as ET
import pandas as pd
cols = [“name”, “email”]
rows = []
tree = ET.parse(‘programming.xml’)
root = tree.getroot()
for elem in root:
name = elem.find(“name”).text
email = elem.find(“email”).text
rows.append({“name”: name,”email”: email,})
df = pd.DataFrame(rows, columns = cols)

XML and Why it is Important

In online services, XML plays a crucial role. We may effortlessly communicate data between multiple platforms with the help of this. It allows you to mark up data in a tree-like hierarchy in a systematic way. A document representation language is another name for it. 

It becomes an excellent choice in online services and data interchange since it eliminates complexity and data can be accessed by multiple incompatible programmes. The XML can be a bit heavier in general. You’re sending more data, which means you’ll require greater transfer speed, extra storage space, and run time.

CSV and its Role in Office

It employs a comma to separate values, CSV stands for “comma-separated-values.” This is a commonly used file format for storing tabular data. The CSV file format is supported by all of the most common computer languages and applications. 

We may need to convert the XML data to a more user-friendly format, such as CSV, because it is not readable by most customers. We can quickly import/export to a CSV file and convert any file format to a CSV file in web development. These are the steps involved in converting an XML file to a CSV file.