Find the Length of a Set in Python

Find the length of a set in python. The set() method is used to turn any iterable into a Set, which is a sequence of iterable items with separate elements. set is the syntax. Any iterable sequence, such as a list, tuple, or dictionary, can be used as a parameter. Returns on Investment: If no element is given, an empty set is returned.

inlarn = {"apple", "banana", "cherry"}





len() Keyword in Python

In Python, use the builtin function len() and supply the set object as an argument to discover the length of a set. The number of entries in the set is returned by the len() method. The length of an object is returned by the len() function. It returns the number of chars in a string or the total items in an iterable.

In Python, the len() function returns the length of a list, string, dictionary, or any other iterable data type. The len() function accepts only one parameter: an iterable object. The len() method in Python is a built-in function that may be used to determine the length of any iterable object. The number of items in an object is returned by the len() method. The len() method returns the number of characters in a string when the object is a string.

List in Python

In Python, a list is a data structure that is a mutable, or changeable, ordered series of items. Each element or value included within a list is referred to as an item. Lists are defined by having values between square brackets, much as strings are formed by having characters between quotations.

Lists are used to hold a number of elements in a single variable. Lists are one of four built-in data types in Python that are used to store collections of data; the other three are Tuple, Set, and Dictionary, all of which have various properties and applications. Using this program we can execute find the length of a set in python.