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Program to Calculate Area of Square in Python

Program to calculate area of square in python. For beginners in Python programming, print the area of square program in python to grasp the mathematical definition in Python.

Float Value in Python

In Python, the float type represents a floating point number. Float is a type of number that is used to represent real numbers and is written with a decimal point to separate the integer and fractional components.

Area of Square Definition

The total number of unit squares in the form of a square is known as the area of a square. In other words, it is the area occupied by the square. To calculate the area of a rectangle, multiply its height by its width. To get the area of a square, find the length of one of the sides and multiply it by itself. This is equivalent to length2 or length squared.

The number of square units required to fill a square is known as its area. In general, the area is defined as the region included inside the boundaries of a flat object or 2d figure. The measurement is done in square units, with square metres being the usual unit.

Program to Calculate Area of Square in Python

print("Enter the requirement values")
l = float(input())
a = l*l
print("\nArea = ", a)


Enter the requirement values

Area = 2025.0