Upper Case and Lower Case in Swift

Upper case and lower case in swift. This is program can print the both upper case and lower case letters in a single program in swift programming language. These kind of programs is only for beginners in any programming language to understand the language concepts 

let string = "Welcome to Inlarn.com"




welcome to inlarn.com

Upper Case in Swift

Capital letters are the larger, taller versions of letters (such as W), as opposed to lowercase letters, which are the smaller equivalents (like w). The terms uppercase and capital are interchangeable. For the first letter of the first word in a sentence, we also utilise an uppercase letter.

Lowercase in Swift

Lowercase letters are the smaller, shorter versions of letters (such as w), as opposed to uppercase or capital letters, which are the larger, taller counterparts (such as W). Lowercase can also be used as a noun to refer to the same thing as a lowercase letter, however this is less common.

Keywords used to Print Upper Case and Lower Case

The keywords which are used in the program is very simple to print the character in upper case and lower case. Use string.uppercased for upper case element in the output screen. use string.lowercased for lowercase in the output screen for the developer.

In a function declaration or function call, keywords other than inout, var, and let can be used as parameter names without being escaped with backticks. References to a member with the same name as a keyword do not need to be escaped with backticks, unless there is a conflict between referring to the member and using the keyword. In this program we can execute upper case and lower case in swift