SQRT Function in PHP

Sqrt function in Php. In this program we can print the number using sqrt function in php programming language. To find the square root of a given number, use the sqrt() function. This function, like pow(), rand(), and is nan(), is a built-in Math function in PHP.

echo(sqrt(64) . "<br>");




Sqrt Definition

Squares are the numbers that result from multiplying a value by itself. Whereas the square root of an integer is a value that when multiplied by itself yields the original value. As a result, both are reverse approaches.

To address this issue, PHP, like any other programming language, includes a built-in function sqrt() that may be used to determine the square root of an integer. In PHP, the sqrt() function is used to compute the square root of a value. In PHP, the pow() function is used to compute a base raised to the power of exponent. The power increased to the base value is calculated using the function pow().

Function in Php

A function in PHP is a reusable piece of code that performs a certain activity. When called, functions can either return values or just perform an activity with no return value. PHP has over 700 built-in functions that perform a variety of tasks. 

PHP provides us with two types of functions: Built-in functions: PHP has a slew of built-in library functions. User-Defined Functions (UDFs): PHP allows us to build our own customised functions, known as user-defined functions, in addition to the built-in functions.