Multiple Return Function PHP

Multiple Return Function PHP. Using this program we can print the function arguments to print. In PHP, a function can be defined to receive arguments as input from the caller environment. Inside the parentheses in front of the function name, these arguments are presented as a comma-separated list. It’s worth noting that when invoking a function, the same amount of arguments must be provided.

function programming($fname)
echo "$fname Program.<br>";



Java Program.
Python Program.
Swift Program.
Php Program.
C++ Program.

Fname in PHP

The name attribute specifies a form’s name. The name attribute is used to refer to items in JavaScript or form data after it has been submitted.

Function Argument in PHP

Before the function is called eager evaluation, the arguments are evaluated from left to right. Passing arguments by value, passing by reference, and default argument values are all supported by PHP. Named Arguments and variable-length argument lists are also supported.

How Functions are Used in PHP

In a similar way, functions work. They take data as a parameter, run a block of statements or perform operations on it, and then return the result. There are two sorts of functions available in PHP: Built-in features include: PHP comes with a large number of built-in library functions.