Check If Number is Integer or Float PHP

Check If Number is Integer or Float PHP. Using this program we can find the check the input is integer or float. The most basic type is Boolean. A true type value is a Boolean expression. It’s used in control structures like if statements to test elements of them. Either TRUE or FALSE is possible.

$x = 1000;
echo "<br>";
$x = 10.00;




Boolean Variable in Php

A Boolean variable has one of two potential values: true or false. In PHP, the simplest data type is the Boolean. It can either be true or untrue. You may declare a boolean using the constants true and false. Both are unaffected by case. The Boolean data type is a data type in computer science that contains one of two potential values, commonly labelled true and false, and is meant to reflect the two truth values of logic and Boolean algebra.

var_dump in Php

The var dump() function is used to dump variable information. This function provides structured information about the specified variable, such as its type and value. Arrays and objects are recursively investigated, with values indented to demonstrate structure. This function works well with expressions as well.