Palindrome String Program in Python Using If Else

String palindrome in python. In the Python programming language, write a palindrome or not software. In the Python programming language, this is the simple set program. This software is designed to disseminate information about the fundamental concepts of the Python programming language.

def Function in Python

Defining a function in Python is done as follows. The term def is used to define a function. In this case, the function name is followed by parameter(s) (). The colon: indicates the beginning of the function body, which is denoted by an indentation. 

The return statement determines the value to be returned within the function body. The function header begins with the keyword def. A function name that is unique to the function. The rules for naming functions in Python are the same as those for writing identifiers. Parameters (arguments) are values that we pass to a function.

Return Statement in Python

Python allows you to return functions from functions, store functions in collections such as lists, and treat them in general the same way you would any variable or object. It is allowed to define functions within other functions and to return functions. Because functions have the same data as integers or strings, they may be supplied as inputs to other functions and returned from them. We may even construct a function within another function and return it to the outer world.

def isPalindrome(a):
return a == a[::-1]
a = "madam"
ans = isPalindrome(a)
if ans: