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Palindrome Program in C Using String Functions

In this program, we can check the string is palindrome or not using string functions in a c programming language.

Header File String.h in C

The header string.h defines one variable type, one macro, and a number of functions for manipulating character arraysA string is defined as a collection of characters. A character array differs from a string in that the string is terminated with the special character ‘0’. String declarations: A string can be declared in the same way that a one-dimensional array can. 

If Else Statement in C

In C, the if-else statement is used to carry out operations based on a set of conditionsIf and only if the given condition is true, the operations specified in the if block are executed. 

If the if (true/false expression) is false, the if/else statement adds an action to the if statement. The program will always execute something with an if/else statement because it will either execute the true code block or the false code block.

Program to Check Palindrome String in C

//Program to Check Palindrome String in C
int main()
char s[500]; 
int i,n,c=0;
printf("Enter The String ");
printf("String is Palindrome");
printf("String is Not Palindrome");
return 0;


Enter The String maam
String is Palindrome