Multiplication program using three different numbers in swift language

Multiplication program using three different numbers in swift language. This program will perform multiplication with different numbers in the same time. 

func mul(a: Int, b: Int) -> Int 
return a*b
print(mul(a: 2, b: 10))
print(mul(a: 2, b: 12))
print(mul(a: 2, b: 14))





What are operators in swift

A unique symbol called an operator instructs the compiler to do specified mathematical or logical operations. Mathematical operators are used in programming languages. Operators can be thought of as symbols that aid in the execution of specified mathematical and logical computations on operands. To put it another way, an operator controls the operands. There are two types of arithmetic operators: Operators with only one operand: Unary operators are those that operate or work with only one operand.