Length of List Python

Length of list python. It will help you to measure the size of the list and it will print the count. This list concept is the major and important concept for software developers in python.

The length of a list may be determined using the len() method. The built-in method len() in Python calculates the total number of elements in a list, tuple, array, dictionary, and so on. The length of a given list is returned by the len() function, which accepts a list as an input. 

Calculate Length of List Python

Python has a built-in function called len(). Len() returns the length of a string, array, list, tuple, dictionary, or other object. Value: the value for which you desire the length. The length of the provided text, array, list, or collections will be returned as an integer number.

The length of an object is returned by the len() function. It returns the number of chars in a string or the total elements in an iterable. The List parameter represents a list for which the number of elements is to be counted. The number of elements in the list is returned.

Print List Element in Python

Multiple items can be stored in a single variable using lists. Lists are one of four built-in Python data types for storing collections of data; the other three are Tuple, Set, and Dictionary, all of which have different qualities and applications. Lists and tuples are Python data types for storing values in a sequential order. 

Sets are another common Python data type for storing values. The main difference between sets and lists or tuples is that sets, unlike lists or tuples, cannot have multiple occurrences of the same element and cannot store values in any order.

list = ["welcome", "to", "inlarn"]