Java program to print the area of circumference of a circle

Java program to print the area of circumference of a circle. This Java program will print the Area Circumference of a Circle. The diameter of a circle is the distance around it in geometry. That is, the circumference is equal to the circle’s diameter. Pi times the radius of the circle squared is the area of a circle

import java.util.Scanner;
public class Main
public static void main(String args[])
float r;
double area, circumstances;
Scanner scan = new Scanner(;
System.out.print("Enter Radius of Circle ");
r = scan.nextFloat();
area = 3.14*r*r;
circumstances = 2*3.14*r;
System.out.print("Area of Circle = " +area);
System.out.print("\ncircumstance of Circle = " +circumstances);


Enter Radius of Circle 5                                                                                                        

Area of Circle = 78.5                                                                                                           

circumstance of Circle = 31.400000000000002