Continue in Java For Loop

Continue in Java For Loop. In this program, we can execute the inner loop with a continue statement. A Java program that uses the inner loop method to keep running. We may use the continue command to execute the inner loop in this program. In any loop control structure, the continue keyword can be utilised. It forces the loop to jump to the next iteration of the loop right away. Control is instantly given to the update statement when the continue keyword is used in a for loop.

public class Main
public static void main(String[] args)
for(int i=1;i<=5;i++)
for(int j=1;j<=5;j++)
System.out.println(i+" "+j);



3 5
4 1
4 2
4 3
4 4
4 5
5 1
5 2
5 3
5 4
5 5

Continue in Java Program

When we wish to bypass a certain condition and proceed with the rest of the execution, we utilise the continue statement. The continue statement in Java is used for all types of loops, although it is most commonly used in for, while, and do-while loops. 

The current iteration of a loop is terminated with a continue statement. The continue statement moves program control to the conclusion of the loop body. The continue statement within nested statements terminates just the current iteration of the do, for, or while statement immediately preceding it.

&& Logical Operator in Java

&& is a Logical Operator that can be read as “AND AND” or “Logical AND.” This operator is used to conduct a “logical AND” operation, which is analogous to the AND gate in digital electronics.

For Loop in Java

The “for” loop in Java is an entry-controlled loop that allows a user to iteratively run a block of statement(s) for a defined number of times. The number of iterations is determined by the test condition specified within the “for” loop. The Java “for” loop is one of the simplest Java loops to grasp.