Google I/O new update for 2021

Google IO 2021, the company’s annual software-focused celebration, will take place on May 18. For obvious reasons, this year’s celebration will be held entirely online, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be any major announcements. So far, not much has been confirmed, but we have a decent idea of what to expect based on leaks, rumours, the event schedule, and previous results.


At Google IO, Android 12 will definitely make an appearance. In reality, it’s very likely to be the show’s main attraction. Android 12 is already available to developers in beta form, but this won’t be our first look at it. This isn’t the exact date that Android 12 will be released in its entirety; it’ll most likely be in September.According to the developer betas and various leaks, Android 12 will include a redesigned fast settings menu, an app hibernation feature, a recycle bin, the ability to quickly exchange Wi-Fi passwords, changes to the layout of various displays, an enhanced one-handed mode, and more.

Pixel 5a

Though Google IO is typically based on apps, it’s not uncommon to see hardware at the case, and the Google Pixel 5a is likely to be among that hardware this year. It’s likely that the Pixel 5a won’t be released until August, but Google IO 2021 remains our best guess. The Pixel 5a is expected to have a 6.2-inch Full HD+ OLED screen, a dual-lens camera, a plastic frame, and mid-range power, according to rumours. It might not be the most thrilling phone in the world, but it could be a capable camera-focused mid-ranger with a reasonable price tag.

Wear OS update

Wear OS has recently received a slew of new features, including Gboard and a UV index, and Google has promised that there will be more in the coming year. One of the IO talks is named ‘Build your first Tile in Wear,’ which is a clear indication that third-party tile support will be added.


The Pixel 5a may not be the only piece of hardware on display at Google IO 2021; the Pixel Buds A may also make an appearance. They haven’t been directly connected to the case, but reports say they’ll be arriving soon. Touch controls for manipulating music playback and accessing Google Assistant are rumoured to be included, as well as a rounded look similar to the regular Pixel Buds.