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Python Remove Duplicates From a List of Strings

Simple python remove duplicates from a list of strings. Iterable, changeable, and without duplicate elements, a Set is an unordered collection data type. The set class in Python reflects the mathematical concept of a set. The main advantage of utilizing a set over a list is that it has a highly optimized way for determining whether a certain member is in the set.

Set Definition in Python

Set – A set is an unsorted and unindexed collection of items. Curly brackets are used to write sets in Python. 

Item Access – You can’t use an index or a key to get to items in a set. Items should be changed.  You can’t edit the pieces in a set once it’s been created, but you can add new ones. Items can be added to the list. 

Use the add () method to add a single item to a set.

Use the update () function to add several items to a set.

The set() method is used to turn any iterable into a Set, which is a sequence of iterable items with separate elements. 

Any iterable sequence, such as a list, tuple, or dictionary, can be used as a parameter. There are no duplicate items in a set. 

The set’s elements are immutable, in the sense that they cannot be changed, but the set itself is mutable, in the sense that it can be changed. 

Since set items are not indexed, sets don’t support any slicing or indexing operations. Here we have executed the program as sample of python remove duplicates from a list of strings for beginners.

Python Remove Duplicates From a List of Strings

inlarn= {"apple", "banana", "cherry", "apple"}



{‘banana’, ‘apple’, ‘cherry’}