DDC Full Form

DDC full form. There is only one position available in the DDC government job. In addition, the person in charge of development must work. If you want to learn everything there is to know about this topic, read the entire article. full form of DDC: District Development Commissioner

Responsibilities of DDC

The District Development Commissioner is responsible for overseeing all development programs in the District. Aside from being the District Development Commissioner, the Deputy Commissioner performs a variety of duties. As Deputy Commissioner, he is in charge of land record maintenance.

The Deputy Commissioner is in charge of ensuring that the election process is followed correctly, from voter registration to the announcement of election results. 6th. Municipal Administration: The DC is generally in charge of supervising and ensuring the proper operation of urban local bodies.

Difference Between DC and DDC

The District Collector is the district’s highest-ranking Revenue Administration Officer. In India, a district magistrate is the highest-ranking executive magistrate in charge of a district’s general administration. The District Collector is in charge of the roles and responsibilities listed. Excise duty collection.

Role of District Officer

The District is the principal administrative unit below the state level in charge of carrying out almost all of the centre and state level schemes. It is an administrative unit that oversees the majority of the government’s departments.

Role of District

The district officer was an administrator and, in some cases, a magistrate who served as a liaison between the colonial government’s professional and technical services and the people of his district. These are main roles and responsibilities for ddc officer and this is the ddc full form for people who dont know about ddc.