Create a pop-up window with a color program in Tkinter python

Create a pop-up window with color program in Tkinter python. This program will print the message in a new pop up window using Tkinter python. Tkinter is the de-facto GUI (Graphical User Interface) module for Python. On top of Tcl/Tk, it’s a thin object-oriented layer. Tkinter isn’t the only Python GUI programming toolkit. However, it is the most widely used. A chapter from the Python Documentation on graphical user interfaces using Tk.

from tkinter import *
window = Tk()
window.title(“Welcome to Inlarn”)
lbl = Label(window, text=”Hey There”)
lbl.grid(column=0, row=0)
btn = Button(window, text=”Click Me”, bg=”orange”, fg=”red”)
btn.grid(column=1, row=0)

How to execute this program gui tkinter python

import Tkinter to run the gui python programs in your system. type the commands properly for the output screen in tkinter. Python3 program, This is the command to execute the program.

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