C++ Program to Print an Integer

C++ Program to print an integer. Here you can just print the program in cpp programming language.

iostream is a c++ library that offers basic input and output services.

The objects cin, cout, cerr, and clog are used by iostream to transfer data to and from the standard streams input, output, error (unbuffered), and log (buffered).

int main() 
std::cout << "45";
return 0;




Header File in C++

Any C++ program begins with the main() function. It is the moment at which the program’s execution begins.

When a C++ program is run, the main() function is the first thing that is called.

The main() method is present in every C++ application.

Return Statement in C++

Once a function has completed its execution, it returns control to the caller function (or to the operating system if you transfer control from the main function).

The calling function resumes execution where the call was initiated.