Letters are Equal or Not in Swift

Letters are equal or not in swift program will check whether the letter is equal or not in swift. 

This is a==b concept is like strcmp in c. 

In swift programming language we can compare the elements by just using the == options. 

The following output is done with the help of == to print the output false.

Let Keyword in Swift

In Swift, the let keyword can be used to construct immutable variables.

An immutable variable is a constant that can only be initialised once. 

The keyword let is used to declare a constant value, which means that once you’ve given it an initial value, you won’t be able to change it. 

The variable var is used to declare the value of a variable. 

The keywords let and var are used to name variables in Swift. 

The let keyword declares a constant, which means it can’t be renamed after it’s been formed, but its variable properties can be changed afterwards. 

The var keyword declares a new variable with the ability to modify its value at any time. In this program we can execute letters are equal or not in swift

Operator in Swift

In a programming language, an operator is a symbol that instructs the compiler or interpreter to carry out a specific mathematical, relational, or logical operation and return a result.

Operators are a subset of functions that take one or more arguments and return a new value.

Operators include things like addition (+), subtraction (-), multiplication (*), and so on. Variables and constants are operated on with the help of operators.

let b = "welcome to inlarn"
print(a == b)