Print Double Value in C#

Print double value in c#. When working with decimals, a double data type is employed. The numbers in this example are whole numbers, such as 5.22. The datatype is indicated in C# via the keyword “Double.” This datatype is demonstrated in the example below.

using System;

namespace Main
class Program
static void Main(string[] args)
double myNum = 4.66D;




Use of Double Keyword in C#

Keywords are terms in a language that indicate predetermined activities or are utilised for internal processes. It is a keyword used to declare a variable that can hold a floating-point number between 5.0 × 10-324 and 1.7 x 10308. It’s an abbreviation for System.

Namespace in C#

A namespace is a container for keeping one set of names separate from another. There are no conflicts between class names declared in one namespace and class names declared in another.

console write line in C#

The following technique is used in C# to print data to the console output screen – Console. Write() and Console are two functions that can be used together. The WriteLine() method is used to write a line of text. Console is a System namespace predefined class. WriteLine is used to print data and a new line at the same time. Using this program we can execute print double value in c#.