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C Program to Find Factorial of a Number

Basic program to execute the c program to find factorial of a number. factorial number program in c programming language. This program helps you to find the factorials number or not in c. 

Factorial Number

The product of all positive integers less than or equal to a particular positive integer, indicated by that integer and an exclamation point in mathematics. The factorial zero is equal to one. To find the factorial of a number, multiply it by the previous number’s factorial value. For instance, to understand the value of 6! 720 is obtained by multiplying 120 (the factorial of 5) by 6.

Why Factorial Numbers Ends with Exclamation

The factorial function is a mathematical formula with the exclamation mark “!” as its symbol. You must multiply all the integers and positives that occur between the number in the formula and the number 1 in the Factorial formula.

For Loop in C Program

A for loop is a type of repetition control structure that allows us to design a loop that is run a set number of times. The loop allows us to complete a n number of steps in a single line.

C Program to Find Factorial of a Number

//C Program to Find Factorial of a Number
int main() 
int i,fact=1,num; 
printf("Enter a num"); 
return 0; 


Enter a num 5 120