C Program to Convert Fahrenheit to Celsius

C Program to convert fahrenheit to celsius. fahrenheit to celsius program in c programming for beginners to print or convert Fahrenheit to celsius in c language. 

int main()
float fahrenheit, celsius;
printf("Enter the Fahrenheit");
scanf("%f", &fahrenheit);
celsius = (fahrenheit-32)/1.8;
printf("\nEquivalent Temperature = %0.2f", celsius);
return 0;



Enter the Fahrenheit 100 Equivalent Temperature = 37.78

Fahrenheit in C Program

Fahrenheit pertaining to or consisting of a temperature scale on which water’s boiling point is 212 degrees above zero and its freezing point is 32 degrees above zero. 

Celsius in C

Celsius pertaining to or possessing a temperature scale in which the boiling point of water is 100 degrees and the freezing point is 0 degrees

Floating Point in C

A number followed by a decimal point is assumed to be a floating-point constant in C++. As a result, it is assumed that 2.5 is a floating point number. Even if the number to the right of the decimal point is 0, this decimal-point rule holds. As a result, 3.0 is also a floating point number.

Float Data Type in C

A float is a data type in computer science that is composed of a number that is not an integer because it includes a fraction represented in decimal format. Some argue that the float data type is used in computer programming when more precision than integers can provide is required. Using this program we can execute the C Program to convert fahrenheit to celsius for beginners.