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C Program For Swapping of Two Numbers

In this program, we can swap two numbers using functions for beginners to understand the function concepts in c.

Function in C

A function is defined as a relationship between a set of inputs and a set of possible outputs, with each input relating to exactly one output. 

A function is a collection of statements that work together to complete a task. 

Every C program has at least one function, main(), and even the simplest programs can define more functions. 

The name, return type, and parameters of a function are all specified in a function declaration.

Temporary Variable in C

A temporary variable is a variable in computer programming that has a short lifetime and is used to hold data that will be discarded soon or before it can be stored in a more permanent memory location.

It is usually declared as a local variable, or a variable with local scope, because it is short-lived.

C Program For Swapping of Two Numbers

//c program for swapping of two numbers
void swap(int *,int *);
int main()
int n1,n2;
printf("Swap The Numbers\n");
printf("First Number");
printf("Second Number");
printf("Before Swapping n1 = %d, n2 = %d ",n1,n2);
printf("\nAfter Swapping n1 = %d, n2 = %d \n\n",n1,n2);
return 0;
void swap(int *p,int *q)
int tmp;
tmp = *p; 


Swap The Numbers
First Number45
Second Number67
Before Swapping n1 = 45, n2 = 67
After Swapping n1 = 67, n2 = 45