Armstrong Number in Python Using While Loop

Armstrong number in python using while loop. Armstrong may or may not use Python as a programming language. This program is used to determine whether or not a number is an Armstrong number. There are some basic programs that have been defined, and this program is one of them. An Armstrong number is any number with n digits that is equal to the sum of the number’s nth power of digits.

Temp Memory in Armstrong Number in Python

The temp variables are used to save the value of the first variable (temp = a), allowing you to swap the two variables’ values (a = b) and assign the value of temp to the second variable.

A temporary variable is a variable in computer programming that has a brief lifetime and is used to retain data that will be removed quickly or before it can be stored in a more permanent memory location. Because it is temporary, it is normally specified as a local variable (a variable having just local scope).

While Loop in Python

Python While Loop is a programming construct that is used to repeatedly execute a set of statements until a condition is met. When the condition in the programme becomes false, the line immediately after the loop is performed. While loop is classified as an indefinite iteration.

While loops in python when a statement evaluates to true, run a block of code When a statement evaluates to false, the loop comes to an end. If a condition does not evaluate to False at some point, your loop will run indefinitely. Our while loop is denoted by the term “while.” This is how Armstrong Number in Python executes the python program

If Else in Python

When the test condition is True, the if else statement analyses the test expression and executes the body of the if statement. The body of else is executed if the condition is False. The blocks are separated by indentation. If else evaluates if an expression is true or false in Python. 

The “if” statement is executed if a condition is true. If not, the “else” statement is executed. If else statements in Python enable programmers manage the flow of their programming. Armstrong number in python using while loop for beginners.

num = int(input("Enter The Number "))
sum = 0
temp = num
while temp > 0:
   digit = temp % 10
   sum += digit ** 3
   temp //= 10
if num == sum:
   print(num,"is Armstrong Number")
   print(num,"is Not Armstrong Number")


Enter The Number 45
45 is Not Armstrong Number